Corporate Clients

As an entrepreneur, you will unavoidably have to deal with all kinds of legal aspects. Our specialists have a corporate legal view on affairs. They can give you advise and assistance in affairs which are related to entrepreneurship. Examples of such affairs might be matters concerning the establishment of a legal person, the maintenance, mergers and acquisitions, drawing up and assessing important contracts and financial aspects. Law & More can also help your business deal with problems concerning the employment law aspects of entrepreneurship. We can be your sparring partner and are prepared to litigate if necessary to achieve the desired results.

Does your business have clients who do not pay the invoices? Law & More can also help your business by solving issues concerning debt collection, for example in the case of a summoning procedure, seizure of goods and property, and bankruptcy filing. Our specialists know how problems concerning receivables due can be solved in a cost-efficient way. We take on the recovery of payments and offer legal assistance to prevent the risk of non-payment or late payment. By doing so burdens will reduce and the pressure your debtor experiences will increase.

We do not only signal and identify issues in due time, but we also draw up contracts with strong content. In that way problems will be prevented in the future and the risk of a long legal procedure is brought to a minimum. If a legal procedure turns out to be inevitable, we have the knowledge and experience to assist and represent you in court. So, you can entirely focus on a successful operation of your business. Together we will analyze the situation and we will discuss tactics.