Every divorce commences with a petition at the court. When it comes to divorces, one is obliged to be assisted by an attorney from the moment that a petition is filed. There are several legal aspects to a divorce procedure about which the judge will give judgement. A Law & More attorney can help you organise these aspects as good as possible. Our attorneys are specialists in the field of family law. How will the joint capital be distributed? Is your ex-partner entitled to a share of your pension? And what about the fiscal consequences of a divorce? Do you or your partner own the right to partner alimony? If so, what will be the height of the partner alimony? These are some important issues that arise around the settlement of a divorce.

If you and your partner are on good terms and are able to come to good agreements together, than you can initiate a mediator before filing a petition for a divorce. A mediator assists you and your partner with coming to an agreement. However, most of the time the parties are not able to communicate orderly. In such a case we can provide you with an attorney who will negotiate about all legal aspects. We seek after achieving the best result and we investigate every legal aspect carefully.

When there are children involved it is important that their needs are taken into account too. We will ensure that their needs will be fulfilled in the agreement as much as possible. Together we can draft a parenting plan in which the distribution of the care of the children after the divorce is documented. Furthermore, we can calculate the amount of child alimony that needs to be paid or received.

Are you already divorced and dealing with a conflict about for example partner alimony or child support? Or is there a reason to assume that meantime your ex-partner possesses a sufficient amount of financial resources to take care of herself/himself? In these cases we can provide you with legal support as well.

Entrepreneur and divorce

If you are an entrepreneur and you are going to divorce then there is a lot more to take into account when it comes to the distribution of the capital and the amount of partner alimony. What if you own shares in a limited company (B.V.)? Are these shares part of the community of goods? What happens to my sole proprietorship? And what are the consequences for the company? These are, among others, questions that need to be taken into consideration. Our attorneys possess knowledge about both family law and entrepreneurship and thus are ultimately suitable to juridically assist you in these cases.

Shortly, some of the subjects we can assist you with are:

  • marital conditions
  • distribution of the joint capital
  • child support
  • partner alimony
  • custody of the children
  • parenting plan
  • right to a share of the pension
  • debts
  • fiscal consequences

An appointment with the divorce lawyer? This is how you prepare yourself!

You and your partner have made the decision: you are getting a divorce. But what happens next? The first important step after this decision is to engage the services of a divorce lawyer. After all, the settlement of a divorce raises a number of practical as well as legal issues: what happens, for example, to your shared home and the mortgage attached to it? How are your savings and bank accounts distributed? And who will take care of your children on a daily or financial basis? To help you deal with all the legal issues surrounding a divorce, it is important that your divorce lawyer has all the necessary information and documentation.


As part of the preparation for the meeting with your divorce lawyer, it is important that you and your ex-partner think about a number of important issues. How do you see the future after the divorce with regard to your shared home, the financial situation and your possible children? If there is agreement before the meeting, for example about the division of the house or the daily care and contact with your children, then the agreements can be easily and quickly recorded by a joint divorce lawyer in a divorce covenant and a parenting plan.

Is it not possible to hold consultations and make agreements with your ex-partner? Then you can hire your own divorce lawyer who will strive to achieve the best possible result for you. In this case, in preparation for the meeting with your divorce lawyer, it is advisable too to ask yourself which important issues you would like to settle and how. For example, would you like to continue living in the house and take care of your children on a daily basis? The divorce lawyer can tell you exactly what can and should be arranged and how you can achieve your plans.

What to bring to a divorce lawyer?

In both cases, it is important to collect some important documents and bring them with you to your appointment with the divorce lawyer. First of all, you need to bring your marriage booklet or cohabitation agreement and, if applicable, a deed with the prenuptial agreement. This documentation provides the divorce lawyer with insight into the legal position of you and your partner and forms the basis for further agreements. Do you have a (rental) home together with your ex-partner? Then you should also bring your mortgage deed or the rental agreement with you to the appointment. In addition, your financial situation in the context of the divorce is relevant. You can provide your divorce lawyer with an overview of your bank accounts and/or savings accounts, annual statements and the last three income tax returns. Finally, information about your pensions, insurances and any debts you may have contracted is also important.

No-nonsense mentality

We like creative thinking and look beyond the legal aspects of a situation. It is all about getting to the core of the problem and tackling it in a determined matter. Because of our no-nonsense mentality and years of experience our clients can count on personal and efficient legal support.

Personal approach and guidance

Although some preparation before you talk to your divorce lawyer is advisable, at Law & More we understand that a divorce is a major event in your life and that you may not have an immediate idea of your future after the divorce and you may not be able to make it concrete. That is why Law & More’s divorce lawyers have a personal approach and, together with you and possibly your ex-partner, we will determine your legal situation during the meeting on the basis of the documentation. We will map out your vision and your wishes for the future. Law & More’s divorce lawyers are experts in the field of personal and family law and are happy to guide you through the divorce process.


Do you have questions, or do you want to know what Law & More can do for you or your business? Please feel free to contact mr. Tom Meevis, lawyer at Law & More via tom.meevis@lawandmore.nl, or mr. Maxim Hodak, lawyer at Law & More via maxim.hodak@lawandmore.nl, or call +31 (0)40-3690680.