Hosting & Colocation

When one hosts or wishes to host a website, one has to keep in mind the applicable legal provisions. When hosting a website, data will be stored and sometimes even passed on. It is therefore important to know how you need to treat this data vis-á-vis your customer, but also towards third parties.

You will have to have clear terms with regard to your hosting and its legal aspects. It is important that customers know what happens with their data. Customers find it important that their data is protected carefully. It is also of importance to know who is liable when data rules are breached.

Are you required to protect the privacy of your customers? Do you need to provide contact information if this is requested by the police? Are you responsible for data protection and data breaches? Our attorneys can answer all of these and all of your other questions. Might you have any questions, you can always contact one of the attorneys of Law & More.