IT Contracts

As a result of our digital world, many companies have become dependent on the proper functioning of information technology. Due to this development, it is becoming more and more important to have certain IT matters well organized. For example, for the purchase of hardware or a software license, an IT contract should be drawn up.

IT contracts are, as the name suggests, nothing less than “regular” contracts such as general purchasing conditions, privacy statement, employment contracts, software agreements, SaaS agreements, Cloud agreements and escrow agreements. In such a contract, agreements are made regarding, for example, the price, warranty of or the liability with regard to a good or service.

There may be problems when drafting or complying with an IT contract. There, for example, can be uncertainty as to what should be delivered or under which specific terms. It is therefore important that clear arrangements are made and that these arrangements are documented in an agreement.

Law & More can advise you on all of your IT contracts. We will assess your situation and can draft a custom contract of sound quality to meet your needs.