As a result of the invention of the internet, a lot of legal questions have arisen. This was followed by the installing of ICT law. ICT law has a lot of interfaces with other areas of law, such as contract law, privacy law and intellectual property law. Within all these areas of law, questions concerning ICT law can arise. These questions can be the following: ‘is it possible to return something I have bought on the internet?’, ‘what are my rights when using the internet and how are these rights safeguarded?’ and ‘is my own online content protected under copyright law?’ However, ICT law in itself can also be divided into specific areas of ICT law, such as software law, security law and e-commerce.

The team of Law & More has explicit knowledge in regard to ICT law and concerning the areas of law that interface with ICT law. Therefore, our lawyers can offer you advise regarding the following subjects:

  • IT contracts;
  • continuity arrangements and escrow;
  • hosting co-location;
  • disputes with online stores;
  • e-commerce.

No-nonsense mentality

We like creative thinking and look beyond the legal aspects of a situation. It is all about getting to the core of the problem and tackling it in a determined matter. Because of our no-nonsense mentality and years of experience, our clients can count on personal and efficient legal support.


Do you have questions concerning ICT law or would you like to know what Law & More can do for you? Please feel free to contact mr. Tom Meevis, lawyer at Law & More via tom.meevis@lawandmore.nl, or mr. Maxim Hodak, lawyer at Law & More via maxim.hodak@lawandmore.nl, or call +31 (0)40-3690680.