Security Law

Security Law is the field of law that is concerned with the protection of information. Topics that aren’t uncommon in this field of law include computer viruses, computer intrusion, hacking and interception of data. To keep sensitive and confidential information safe, there is a whole set of possible measures. For example, companies themselves often use non-legal measures based on a risk analysis. However, this protection also has a legal basis. After all, it is the legislator that determines how strict these security measures should be.

When thinking of legislative measures one can also think of the ‘Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens’ (Personal Data Protection Act). The Personal Data Protection Act states that it must be clear what measures have been taken to protect personal data against loss or unlawful processing. This may include an encrypted connection between the server and the visitor: the SSL connection. Passwords are also part of such security.

Besides the Personal Data Protection Act, certain acts are also criminalized. Hacking is punishable on the basis of article 128ab of the Dutch Criminal Code.

To protect your information, it is important to know how information security works and how to protect your own and someone else’s data in an as safe as possible way. Law & More can advise you on the legal aspects of information security.