Open Source Software

In case of open source software, the user receives the source code of the software when purchasing a license. This has the advantage that users can customize and improve the software so that the software continues to develop. In theory, this of course sounds beneficial and fairly practical: anyone that has knowledge of codes can edit the open source software.

In practice, however, it is very important to set certain rules for the use of open source software, to regulate and clarify the use of open source software. This is even more important now there is little supervision, whilst many claims are being submitted for violation of open source software licenses.

Law & More can advise you on open source software. Will you remain owner of the software that you have developed when you use open source software? Which terms and conditions can you lay down for the use of a license? How can you submit a claim when your license has been violated? These are question which can be answered by one of our attorneys.