Property and Real Estate Transactions

Real estate law consists of all the legal aspects concerning immovable property. We at Law & More are capable of assisting you with legal advice when questions or conflicts arise concerning the purchase and sell of immovable property. In addition to that we can provide you with legal advice on the field of rent law.

Furthermore, the Dutch and international clients of Law & More are being assisted and advised in structuring their Dutch and international real estate investments in the most tax advantageous manner using a multi-jurisdictional approach. Our expertise reaches from the acquisition of an apartment for a private use to negotiating in complex commercial property and real estate deals.

We actively provide advice to Dutch and international clients who invest in a variety of real estate properties in The Netherlands, such as hotels, resorts, commercial projects and residential portfolio’s.

Rent law

Law & More assists both tenants and landlords in preventing and solving legal problems. As well as with the rent of a residence as with the rent of a building for a shop and of an office building. Tenants and landlords have special legal obligations. These contain a regulating character which means that the parties can replace them with their own agreements. In addition, there are mandatory provisions within rent law. One cannot differ from these rules, which foremost intend to protect the tenant as it is the weaker party, by contract. If you are positioned in a situation in which your counterparty does not abide by his agreements, there are several actions that can be attempted. In such cases you can trust us for providing you with the legal advice you need.

Examples of subjects that we could help you with:

  • drafting of a rental agreement if you are a landlord
  • disputes about the explanation of the agreement
  • undertaking actions if a tenant or a landlord does not act in compliance with the agreements made
  • termination of the rental agreement

No-nonsense mentality

We like creative thinking and look beyond the legal aspects of a situation. It is all about getting to the core of the problem and tackling it in a determined matter. Because of our no-nonsense mentality and years of experience our clients can count on personal and efficient legal support.


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