Web Store Law

Webshops are dealing with a large number of legal frameworks with which they need to comply. Distance purchase, consumer rights, cookie legislation, European directives and more are legal aspects with which a webshop will be faced. The term ‘web store law’ provides an all-encompassing term for this.

Because of the many rules, it is likely that you at some point “cannot see the wood for the trees”.  Do I have to use terms and conditions? How does recall by the customer work? What information should I provide on my website? What rules are there with regard to payment?  What about the cookie legislation? What should I do with the personal data I have obtained through my web store? This is a selection of the questions with which a web store owner can be confronted.

It is important to have these matters arranged properly. Otherwise, you can risk a fine. These fines can reach great heights and can have an impact on your company. Being well informed on these matters will therefore minimize your risks.

Law & More can advise you on your compliance with the relevant legislation. Furthermore, we can help you draft the legal documents that are relevant for your web store.